Each RIATA is hand finished by our founder and lead designer, Jill Slater, using specially selected designer and vintage fabrics that are then custom trimmed to achieve your personalized look. Our goal is to deliver both sun protection and exceptional style.







Jill Slater

RIATA was founded in 2014 as the result of a friendly favor for a horse trainer that asked Jill to "decorate a few sun hats for her riders." Jill's expertise as a professional floral designer was a natural fit to accommodate this special request.  The large sun hats, now called RIATA'S, were an instant hit at horse shows and soon other riders, trainers and boutique owners were asking for their own. The flood of requests led to the creation of RIATA designs. Today, the brand is favorite amongst equestrians and has grown to include several styles of hand trimmed sun hats and visors  that provide stylish sun protection.


RIATA represents Jill's strong belief to live an authentic life and to celebrate individuality.  "BE YOU!" is the inspiration that has always been core to her brand. Jill helps others to express themselves by helping them design a custom RIATA that is personalized to represent both their style and attitude.


Jill's affinity for design is a trademark of her career. A California native, she grew up in a small farming community in the San Joaquin Valley where her family owned and operated a small department store. Her family roots and personal love for retail inspired Jill to tap into her design skills and eventually  open her own flower shops in Palo Alto's popular Stanford Shopping Center.  Jill was later featured on TV spots including ABC7 News, San Francisco and HGTV where she provided floral and garden design tips. For a glimpse of Jill's expertise, visit jillslaterreports.com for creative and easy flower and garden 'how to's.'


Appreciative of her successful career in all things surrounding floral design, Jill now finds that her passion has evolved into RIATA and the values behind her brand. Explains Jill, "The MOST fulfilling job I have ever had is designing and personally hand finishing each RIATA. Creating unique personalized styles that  provide sun protection is always my goal. Every RIATA that leaves my studio is intended to be special for its recipient."